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P&D import guide for PIs

KT = Kirkhouse Trust  P&D = Procurement and dispatch   PI = Principal Investigator

Number of weeks to complete step

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PI and P&D agree list of equipment and consumables to be sent. 

KT has a standard list of lab equipment for Projects. Some laboratories already have equipment; not all items are needed. 

Any item requested which is not on KT’s standard equipment list is considered on an individual basis.

Preparation to receive goods. The PI provides P&D with the following information:

•  The address where the goods will be used.

•  The consignee’s name, telephone number(s) and e-mail address. (Usually the PI.)

•  The customs clearing agent to be used to clear the goods once they arrive in the destination airport. 

KT covers the costs of customs clearing and import charges; the PI budgets for this in their KT grant budget.

Some Universities and Institutions have a preferred customs clearing partner.

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Duty (tax) and permits. Before sending goods, the PI navigates their country's customs and import regulations, which can include obtaining a tax reference number, any permits and other permissions which may be required and to apply for duty waivers for donated goods for research use.

KT has a standard list of lab equipment which is supplied to our Projects. Some already have equipment; not all items are needed. 

It can take a long time to process permits and duty exemptions. Apply as soon as possible and let P&D know if extra information is required.

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P&D arranges transport to destination country.  As soon as the relevant duty waivers, permits and other items are in place, the PI informs P&D. 

P&D then instructs a freight forwarder to ship the items to the nearest airport in the PI's country. 

A draft air waybill can be provided at this stage, along with the expected arrival date.


P&D contact details: Ann Lonie, e-mail:

Arrival of goods in destination country. Upon arrival at the airport, PIs are responsible for clearing the goods through customs and arranging for transportation from the airport to their laboratory.

PI tells P&D when items have been delivered to their laboratory and e-mails P&D a copy of the customs clearing receipts and associated paperwork so we can monitor costs.

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