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Cowpea Salad
Recipe kindly contributed by Dr Annia Matikiti  
(University of Zimbabwe )

A healthy recipe for Cowpea Salad, versatile and easy to put together for a light and hearty lunch!


  • 200g Cowpea (1 cup), soaked overnight and boiled

  • 1 Head of lettuce

  • 1 packet of gooseberries

  • 1 packet feta cheese (50g)

  • 1 Tomatoes chopped

  • 2 teaspoon Olive oil

  • 2 teaspoon vinegar

  • 1 teaspoon sugar

  • 1 bottle 1000 Island Salad Dressing (Optional)


  1. Mix the vinegar, olive oil and sugar and mix well.   

  2. Drain well the boiled cowpea to remove excess water, and put into a serving bowl.

  3. Add the olive oil mixture into the cowpea and stir well and set aside.

  4. Clean the lettuce leaves and gooseberries and dry them with a kitchen paper towel or kitchen towel and add them into cowpea bowl.

  5. Clean the tomato and slice it and also break the feta cheese into small pieces and add into cowpea bowl and mix all well. 

Preparation:15 mins

Serves: 2 people 

Cowpea Salad.png
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