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Travel Insurance

It is a condition of the Kirkhouse Trust Travel Grants that a grantee has appropriate travel insurance including health/medical insurance for the duration of their stay abroad. You should check with (i) the organisation providing your training course, or (ii) your employing institution, to see if either is able to offer any advice about appropriate travel insurance policies for the country you are planning to visit. The travel insurance must provide appropriate health/medical insurance.


Whether travel insurance is arranged by you or by an institution, it is still the grantee’s responsibility to make sure the insurance cover secured is sufficient for your needs. Note that MOST health insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions or pregnancy. If you are worried that a travel insurance, including health/medical insurance, policy might not be suitable for your needs please contact the Trust or the institution organising the training as soon as possible. Grantees should be aware that the cost of medical treatment in the US and Europe is extremely expensive, hence the need to ensure adequate insurance cover.

Health / Medical Insurance

Health insurance policies will NOT normally include cover for pregnancy related healthcare, or pre-existing health conditions, such as existing heart conditions and diabetes. If you have a pre-existing medical condition that might require healthcare whilst abroad please take care to ensure the health insurance policy you select will cover your condition. If the health insurance provided does not meet your needs it may be possible to arrange a different health insurance policy that does cover the condition, but the Trust may not be able to cover the additional cost of the insurance resulting from the presence of such medical conditions. If you are pregnant, or have a pre-existing medical condition, you should check with a medical practitioner that it is safe for you to travel before applying to the Trust.


If you are traveling to some countries such as the UK you can receive treatment for minor injuries free of charge but drugs and treatment that require admission to hospital will be charged. In countries such as the US, all medical treatment is chargeable. Therefore, an appropriate health insurance policy is essential, because the Trust is unable to cover the costs of any emergency or routine medical examinations and treatment which are required while you are away from home.

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