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Links to Scientific Articles

The following links are various scientific articles and webpages that may be of benefit to students and scientists:

  • Dedicated site to Dolichos (lablab purpureus L.). Please visit this site to learn more about Dolichos, its habitat, disease susceptibility, taxonomic details, etc.

  • New Agriculturist: "Making a Mark for Cowpea": An article written by Dr Robert Koebner, explaining the problem of Striga gesneroides on cowpea in sub-Saharan Africa. The article goes on to explain how the Kirkhouse Trust is helping to bring MAS technology directly to West African cowpea breeders.

  • Marker Assisted Breeding: Learning Module: The use of molecular markers in efficient crop improvement: Marker Assisted Breeding, a Learning Module (by Theresa Fulton; Cornell University, and with Robert Koebner;
    This learning module was designed to be used either as the basic material for a course or as a self-tutorial. It is geared towards scientists or upper-level students with a good background of biology, genetics and plant breeding. It is expected that readers have some understanding of molecular markers (a number of resources are given throughout, if not). It is meant to complement other learning modules available on the Generation CP website, such as those available or in progress for molecular markers, genetic diversity, phenotyping, and plant breeding.

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