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Past projects - African Bean Consortium (ABC)

Project Title: “Use of marker
assisted selection (MAS) to improve selection efficiency in breeding for resistance to major bean diseases of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Tanzania"


Funding Period: May 2015 – April 2018


Main Objective:
Improve yield of common bean in Tanzania by developing bean cultivars resistant to angular leaf spot (ALS), common bacterial blight (CBB) bean common mosaic virus (BCMV) and anthracnose diseases.
The specific objectives are:
i. To determine performance of the verified lines containing combined ALS, CBB,BCMNV resistance in multilocation replicated trials.
ii. To determine performance of lines in on-farm multilocation trails for participatory variety selection and release of varieties.
iii. To add genes for anthracnose resistance into advanced lines containing resistance genes (ALS, CBB, and BCMNV).
iv. To incorporate resistance genes in other market classes of bean (yellow and sugar beans). 
v. To determine pathogen variability for ALS, CBB and ANTH in major bean growing areas of Tanzania.
vi. To determine appropriate seed delivery system for improved legume varieties. 


Common Bean Flower

Project Title: “Development of Common Bean lines with multiple disease resistance in Rwanda using Marker Assisted Selection”

Institute: Rwandan Agricultural Board (RAB), Rwanda

Funding Period: March 2014 – February 2017


Main objective: To strengthen national capacities for bean breeding programme in RWANDA through improvement of breeding efficiency by using marker assisted selection(MAS).
Specific objectives
- To transfer the resistance genes to anthracnose, root rots and bean common mosaic virus into bean cultivars with desirable and highly acceptable traits but hampered by their susceptibility to bean diseases. 
- To improve efficiency in developing multiple constraint resistance and marketable bean varieties in Rwanda using MAS. 
- To implement and strengthen capacity of scientists and technicians to use MAS technologies in bean breeding programme.
- To avail screen houses (one for plant breeding and one for Phytopathology), laboratory equipments and different lab chemicals required for MAS implementation in Rwanda.

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