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The following videos cover isolation of a pathogen from leaf material, culturing the pathogen on media and preparing the pathogen into inoculums. This is then sprayed onto the test plants to see if they are resistant. The ABC project works on anthracnose (a fungus), angular leaf spot (ALS - a fungus), common bacterial blight (CBB - a bacteria), pythium root rot (a fungus) and bean common mosaic virus (BCMV - a virus).


The methods for each pathogen type are very similar, so rather than film them all, one was filmed from each class. Methods across pathogen type were also sometimes similar, so all the steps invloved for ALS were filmed, and then any differing steps for CBB / BCMV were also filmed.


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Chapter 1 of 2 - Preparation of a Medium for (Fungal) Pathogens:

This first chapter of a two part series demonstrates the steps required to make up a media solution, along with the equipment and consumables needed to do so. The video is also available on YouTube.

Chapter 2 of 2 - Isolation of a Fungal Pathogen and Producing Inoculum:

The second chapter of this two part series covers how to isolate the fungal pathogen (part 1), how to culture it (part 2), how to prepare the inoculum (part 3), and how to inoculate the plant (part 4). The video is also available on YouTube.

General Principles in Plant Pathology - Common Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas Campestris) Isolation:

This video shows how to isolate the Common Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas Campestris) (CBB) pathogen from bean leaves. The video is also available on YouTube.

General Principles in Plant Pathology - Bean Common Mosaic Virus Isolation:

This video shows how to isolate, produce inoculum and inoculate plants with the Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV) viral disease. This video is also available on YouTube.

How to use an Autoclave (for Fungal Pathogen Media):

This video demonstrates how to use an autoclave. This particular demonstration exhibits the procedure for sterilising fungal pathogen media. Although other types of media may require a slightly different set up for sterilisation, this video should still prove useful to those who have a limited experience of using an autoclave. This video can also be viewed on YouTube.

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